Unbreakable Truths: The Katrina Walker Show

A New and Dynamic You Tube Talk Show Hosted by the Self-Made Millionaire

NEW YORKAug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — What would one call a woman who was once homeless, abused and abandoned by four husbands, but raised four children, became a self-made millionaire as a successful entrepreneur and is in a loving, supportive marriage with husband number five? One would call her unbreakable.

Katrina Walker, author of the autobiography “Unbreakable: The Katrina Walker Story” which details her struggles, lessons and triumphs, also calls herself a motivator. She’s endured many hard times, but believes anyone can survive life’s rough and seemingly unfair challenges. Katrina is living proof and shares her real-life experiences in the new YouTube talk series, Unbreakable Truths: The Katrina Walker Show.

This interview series will feature a variety of experts and personalities — all sharing lessons and what Katrina calls “real and honest” advice for the viewer. Topics will range from warning signs in bad relationships to how to support children in foster care.

Upcoming guests include the following:

  • Media personality, Dr. Jeff Gardere
  • Tony-nominated actress, Brenda Braxton
  • Tara Wallace from Love & Hip Hop: New York

“Everyone goes through trials and tribulations,” Katrina shares. “I motivate people to stop making excuses, so they can go after the life they want and deserve, and I use all of my experiences to show you how.”

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