Katrina’s Story

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"I consider myself a motivator - not a motivational speaker. Everyone has a story. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations. I don't speak to or at people. I communicate and connect with them instead. I help others with good old fashioned advice - financially, socially, mentally and spiritually. I motivate people to get up and achieve their goals, start that new business, go after that promotion, how to leave that bad relationship. I've been there. I motivate people to stop making excuses, stop saying 'can't do', and I'm going to use all my experience to show you how."

About Katrina Walker

Katrina Walker is an entrepreneur, author and motivator.

She took being a witness to cultural, domestic and financial tumult and converted what she learned into a motivational tool to fight victimhood. Walker went from a struggling teen bride and then a divorced mother of four to being a trailblazer who has, over the past 25 years, built thriving enterprises including a 24-hour daycare center, multiple real estate holdings, a record label and state-of-the-art recording studio - all while becoming a self-made millionaire. 

Her renowned Tennessee-based Rainbow Kidz Learning Center is currently expanding into a national brand, passing her legacy to family and friends to take care of the little ones while Walker is being pursued as a motivator and helps others through her non-profit organization.