Interview With Self-Made Millionaire Katrina Walker on Her UNBREAKABLE Story!

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and now author, Katrina Walker spoke with So Booking Cool about her book Unbreakable: The Katrina Walker story.  The riveting memoir details the journey of a young girl originally from Ohio who grows up in Tennessee during a height of racial tension (she remembers when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and how her community reacted) and overcomes being a teen bride and mother, homelessness, and five marriages, most of which were abusive.

Despite it all, Walker, who had an entrepreneurial mentality from when she was a child (she operated an ironing business under the age of 10!) eventually launched etiquette classes and a 24-hour childcare center, Rainbow Kidz. She also owns a nonprofit organization, which aims to help turn abuse victims into survivors.

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