What Are We Going To Do With This New Day?

Now, what are we going to do with this new day, when our good GOD opens our eyes and gives us this glorious day? Will we thank Him? Will we be obedient and make Him happy? Will we show and tell Him how much we love and honor Him? Or will we do or say nothing? He doesn’t ask much of us and He continues to provide us with every need and protects us from every piece of harm that comes our way.

There are always ANGELS around us, things that are unexplainable. It’s our good GOD. When harm comes our way we place it in His hands and we walk away. We give it to Him totally. He doesn’t need your help. Now, if you’re still wrestling with it, you haven’t turned that thing over to God. He got you. Speak to someone today. Say something nice if you’re hateful.

It costs us nothing to be kind to somebody, not one red cent, priceless. It’s a new day, the sky is lighter. The sun is coming up.

Thank you Lord. Thank you God.

Remember: God is too good.