Building A Dream From The Rubble

I never had love beaten out of me.

How could I stop loving my children or family and friends just because I had stopped getting love from some man? I never left my people no matter how badly men wanted to isolate me from them. The time I found in the middle of all that chaos to build a multi-million dollar enterprise may seem like a miracle but by the grace of God it happened.

During the madness of marriage and divorce I never caught a breath when it came to relationships. I needed a new one to forget the old one, even if he wasn’t Mr. Ideal, yet I never lifted my foot up off my dream.

Women Rising Empowerment

As my profits rolled in I bought properties and started the development. I started a record label with my family and worked with different artists. We moved the music studio to Atlanta and all along I dreamed bigger until I discovered something else that came with money. Lives changed.

I stopped to help people in the community that folks wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole and told them “You don’t have to sell drugs. When someone knocks on your door you don’t have to worry who it is. You can still have your cars, your jewels, your houses…anything you want but you don’t have to get it that other way. ”

I would point them in a new direction, like to music or starting a small business. How could I not see myself in them? Hungry on a bus going to a job interview in borrowed clothes or trying to figure out how to pay the next bill with a child on your lap. I knew all that. To sit back and watch kids lick plates or to watch mamas get beaten down and kicked around was impossible for me.  It would’ve been a crime and I wasn’t about to do it.